Sunday, July 24, 2016

Visit to the California Science Center

On July 21, I visited the California Science Center. The (CSC) center contains three floors and features an IMAX movie theater. The CSC currently has a focus on flight and many aircraft and space craft can be seen inside of the CSC and on the grounds near the CSC:

The CSC also features exhibits on earthquakes, creativity, and ecosystems. The California Science Center is well-suited for people who like to physically interact with exhibits, as many of the CSC's exhibits are displays of kinetic art. For instance, the ecosystem section features an exhibit that allows people to control the cameras and motors of an underwater remote-controlled vehicle:

Additionally, the CSC features a high-wire bicycle (an interactive exhibit displaying the science of center of gravity, where people ride a special bicycle across a rope hung across the second story) and virtual flight simulations. While I was attending the museum, there were multiple summer camps also in attendance, comprised of elementary school aged kids. The children seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly; I believe the CSC's heavy emphasis on kinetic art was integral to the children's happiness and curiosity. 

I believe this type of interaction (kinetic art) is best suited to inspire children about art, technology, and science and should be used heavily in the classroom.


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