Friday, July 22, 2016

Chris Hadfield is a Badass

The material that most influenced my understanding of this week's material on space and art was Chris Hadfield's YouTube videos. During his time commanding the International Space Station (December 21, 2012 until May 12, 2013), Colonel Hadfield was active on Twitter and YouTube, interacting with followers and answering questions about life in space. The YouTube videos have an endearing quality and made me feel connected to Hadfield and the International Space Station. With over 1.6 million followers on Twitter and a combined 50,000,000+ views of the videos on his YouTube channel, Colonel Hadfield's work has been far-reaching and presumably has inspired many future astronauts, technologists, and artists. 

 Source: Canadian Space Agency. “Wringing out Water..."

Apart from his YouTube videos, while commanding the International Space Station, Colonel Hadfield took over 45,000 photographs. The photos were often taken and transmitted directly to NASA for storage, without Hadfield getting a chance to look at his own work. Once back on Earth, Hadfield saw his photos for the first time and compiled 192 of the best photos into a book titled, “You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes” (Mirani). The photos are awe-inspiring and show the world from a very unique perspective – space.

 Source: Mirani

 Source: Mirani

 Source: Mirani

Finally, Colonel Hadfield released a revised version David Bowies's Space Oddity and received 32,000,000+ views (Hadfield). 

Source: Hadfield


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